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Siding Repair in CT

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Connecticut Roofing Specialist are the best siding contractors in CT and we specialize in siding repair and siding replacement. If you need a siding company you can trust to provide you with the best siding installation in CT then give us a call today!

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Best Siding Contractors in Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, New London, Tolland and Windham County

Connecticut Roofing Specialist has an expert team of siding contractors and after years of training and mastering their craft we can consult you on any siding installation, siding repair, or siding replacement project and provide you with the best solutions to transform the siding of your home. After years of serving our Connecticut community we have developed a special siding installation processes to install wood siding, vinyl siding, Masonite siding, and aluminum siding which at a 25% less expensive price than others without compromising the quality structure of your home siding.

When inspecting your home our siding contractors consider multiple factors before providing you with the best price and quality solution specifically tailored to your home’s siding structure and your personal expectations.

Contact us today and let us help you to transform your home with an expert siding installation.

Wood siding vs. Vinyl Siding

The appearance of your home’s exterior is one important factor when a potential buyer evaluates the value of your home and a well-maintained siding of your home not only increases the value of your home but also affects how others view your house. In order to have an appealing and well-maintained exterior you would have to choose a proper siding material first before you can schedule a vinyl siding installation with your siding company. Vinyl or wood are some of our customer’s favorites and both have positive and negative attributes and before you make a decision you should be aware of the main differences between vinyl sidings and wood sidings.

Both wood and vinyl have a huge variety in different styles which makes both a great choice to customize the exterior of your home to your personal taste. Vinyl siding is easier installed, does not require a paint job, and compared to a wood siding also is a lower maintenance siding. Wood siding does need to be maintained approximately every five years in order to stay in excellent condition. If wood siding is properly maintained it can easily last 20-40 years whereas vinyl siding can easily last more than 40 years making it the cheaper and more durable option.


How much does a siding installation cost?

The two popular siding options not only differ in appearance but also in how much they cost. Vinyl siding is the much less expensive siding installation option compared to wood siding. Wood siding can cost you on average $7-8 per square foot, whereas vinyl siding only costs on average $2 per square foot. For a standard 1,500 square foot home you would have to approximately pay $6,000-$7,000 for a vinyl side installation (materials included) and a wood siding for a 1,500 square foot home would cost around $10,000-12,000 (materials included).

Why choose Connecticut’s best siding contractors?

Connecticut Roofing Specialist is the siding installation and siding repair expert in CT. Our siding contractors can consult you on any siding installation project and provide you at the same time with the best available solution tailored to your needs. Our siding contractors are experienced and the best in Connecticut.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
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  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
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Connecticut Roofing Specialist has generations in roofing and siding installation experience and expert siding contractors delivering outstanding quality and long lasting siding installations in Connecticut. We have been servicing our fellow Connecticut home owners and local businesses with expert roofing, gutter, siding, and chimney services and are one of the best siding companies in Connecticut.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE siding installation consultation on the cost of our services with an expert siding contractor from Connecticut Roofing Specialist. We are your professional siding contractors providing exceptional siding installations & repair services in Fairfield, Hartford , Litchfield, Middlesex, New London, Tolland and Windham County in Connecticut.

For a free estimate when your commercial building requires an inspection or repair, you can call us at (959) 242-8678 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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